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Golf Road Warriors Take-On Scotland with the Help of Sun Mountain Golf Rain Gear

A group of golf travel writers under the banner of Golf Road Warriors set off en masse recently for a full week immersion in Scottish golf. Fully aware of the country’s reputation for unpredictable weather; the writers called on Sun Mountain to provide golf rain wear.

(The folks at Sun Mountain being equally aware of the likely mercurial weather sent golf wind wear, as well.)

One of the Golf Road Warriors wrote this:

“There’s a reason why everything in Scotland is so green. And why the cattle and sheep seem so fat and happy. Rain. Liquid sunshine is almost a daily occurrence somewhere in Scotland. Sometimes it just showers for ten minutes and is sunny the rest of the day. Sometimes it pours so hard that only maniacs (like me) would think of playing golf. The locals get used to it. Visiting golfers have no choice but to do the same. When you’ve planned a trip to play the great links courses of Scotland, you’re not about to let a little water stop you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come prepared. Good golf rainwear will keep you drier and make playing in the rain a lot more enjoyable.

Today, our Golf Road Warriors group played in 20 mph winds and constant rain at Dunaverty Golf Club in Southend, Scotland. But the only things that were wet when I finished were my head and neck. I don’t want this to sound like a Sun Mountain commercial – but this gear is very good.

The Sun Mountain gear provides guaranteed waterproof protection using an amazing, new, four-way stretch-woven fabric that shields the player against wind and rain, while remaining breathable and stretching to allow an unrestricted swing. That’s a lot of good news in one sentence. The stretch fabric is key, because no matter how well a suit keeps you dry, if you can’t swing freely in it, you might as well head to the clubhouse and start sampling the single malts. The jacket’s expansion (pleats) in the back help with this, too. Being breathable is also important, because keeping moisture away from your body is a two-way thing; you want perspiration to move away from the body just as much as you want to keep raindrops from coming in.”

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